Yosra El Lozy

Yosra El Lozy

Yosra El Lozy (born August 8, 1985 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian actress. She is one of the Egyptian screen beauties of the new generation.

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Name: Yosra El Lozy
Name in Arabic: يسرا اللوزي
Full real name: Yusra Mohammed Al Luzi
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: August 8, 1985
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 32 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Lion
Profession: actress, broadcaster
Musical instruments: piano
Years of activity: 2004-present
Social status: Married
Children: Delilah
Father: Mohammed Al Luzi

Biography, Life Story

Yosra El LozyYosra El Lozy was born on August 8, 1985 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Her father name Muhammad amygdala an Egyptian, and her mother Syria. A graduate of the Faculty of political science.

She began her acting career as an amateur on the American University’s theaters under the direction of her father, University theater professor Mahmoud al-Lozi, she performed some theatrical musical works such as (Goose silly, Sultan Ma’adda, Suleiman Al-Halabi, reader). She then turned professional by starring in the film Alexandria New York directed by Youssef Shaheen, with a nomination from her mother’s friend Marian Khoury. Since then she has played a number of roles in films such as (stolen kisses, natural colors), which she also put on the TV drama map, and participated in series such as (critical moments, very special, group, Hamra lines).Yosra El Lozy

She also fought the crime of presenting programs by presenting the first version of the X Factor alongside Basil Al Zaro.
Yosra El Lozy has the qualities of beauty, agility and elegant look in addition to charisma and boldness, but she did not enough as she proved the opposite of the popular saying “Be Beautiful and shut up”, combining the beauty of appearance and artistic talent, she entered the hearts of viewers with her elaborate acting roles in a short time and at the same time captivated It has less appeal than its counterpart among Arab stars, and even resembles the Turkish star Perin saat. Al-Lozi has secured a special place in the throne of the Egyptian screen beauties of the new generation.
She also knows how to play the piano, dance ballet.

Married Yosra El Lozy and gave birth to a daughter named Delilah.

List of works

Yosra El LozyMovies

Alexandria, New York (2004), stolen kisses (2008), natural colors (2009), PS in incomplete need (2009), Heliopolis (2010), Ihsan (2010), magic of adoration (2010), point of light (2010), microphone (2010), radio love (2011), Cousins (2012), clock and text, Composite.


Very special (2009), tsunami (2010), community (2010), Muhammad Ali (2010), meme Empire (2010), vertigo (2012), red lines (2012).