Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar, Lebanese singer, born on November 22, 1972.

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Basic info wiki card

Name: Wael Jassar
Name in Arabic: وائل جسار
Country of nationality: Lebanon
Date of birth: November 22, 1972
Age: 49 years old (as of 2022)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Profession: singer
Production company: Rolex-in, Arabica Music
Social status: Married
Wife: Mary
Sons: Marilyn, Wael Jr

Biography, Life story

Wael Jassar was born on November 22, 1972. He married the daughter of his estate “Mary” and had his eldest daughter “Marlin” and his son “Wael Junior”. His artistic career began when he was a young child when he sang at the events and parties of the manor in which he lived, and he was constantly chanting the songs of the giants of Arab singing, including Ms. Umm Kulthum, Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez and musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Wael’s childhood dreams of love expanded to reach fame and stardom ambitions.

He took the opportunity to participate in one of the local festivals that was held in the Rayak area in the Bekaa Governorate in Lebanon, and participated in it and achieved first place. Then he participated in the famous program (The Letters Are Sung) and all the attendees praised his voice and his vocal capabilities and called him (The Miracle Child) and his name and fame spread. He moved away and stopped singing for a while due to the transformations that occurred in his voice due to his transition from childhood to boyhood and then manhood. And when he grew up, he returned to the music scene with his first album (Mashi), which achieved great success for him, especially his songs (Al-Layali, Right on My Eyes, Where Are You, Hear the Words of Your Beloved, Oh Night). He chose for himself the tarab color and was not affected by any external factors and did not imitate any of the popular names. He does not deny that the Lebanese composer Nicolas Saadeh Nakhle helped him choose this color and presented him with a set of distinguished melodies that were his gateway to the hearts of the masses, including songs (Ya Bird, Yabo Qalb, My Lands, I Wanted to Love You) and other hit songs. Then came the occasion of his military service, his name fell dramatically, and the publicity for him decreased. But he was able to defy the circumstances and achieve the presence in the arena of intention when he repeated a group of songs of the giants of the beautiful time with his voice in three albums titled (Trab Evening) and achieved outstanding success for him. After the end of his enlistment period, he insisted on completing his singing career and was able to climb the ladder of real stardom and released several successful albums. His name has emerged over the past few years and has been able to prove himself on the Arab singing scene, especially after his beautiful song (The World You taught me) won first place in all Arab resentments.

List of works – albums

Like honey – walk – the world taught me – your patience, my heart – command the beloved – may God give them – hours of saying – I walked salvation – an evening with the rapture 1 – an evening with the rapture 2 – an evening with the rapture 3 – you promise me why – the quatrains of God’s love – the presence of the beloved – our prophet Zain – every minute is personal.

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