Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny (born October 19, 1977 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian singer and actor.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Tamer Hosny
Name in Arabic: تامر حسني
Full real name: Tamer Hosny Sharif Abbas
Nickname: star of the generation, Legend of the century
Country: Egypt
Date of birth: October 19, 1977
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 39 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Libra
Job: singer, composer, actor, author, director, producer
Years of activity: 2000 – now
Production company: free music (until 2009) – art world
Social status: Married
Wife: Bassma Boussel
Sons: Talia, Amaya
Father: Hosny Sharif Abbas Farghali
Mother: Fatima Al-Sabbagh

Biography, Life Story

Bassma Boussil & Tamer HosnyTamer Hosny was born in 1977, to an Egyptian father, Hosny Sharif Abbas Farghali, and a Syrian mother, Fatima Al-Sabbagh. In his early years, Tamer worked at a gas station, a supermarket, selling perfumes on the street, and also worked as a construction worker. Tamer joined the Faculty of media at the University of 6 October with the help of his friend’s mother, and began his artistic career during his university studies. In one of the seminars at the University, the broadcaster Salma al-Shamaa asked if anyone had any talent and sang a song: “Say No” and she liked his performance and then asked him to participate in a party that included the top artists and elite of the society, and Tamer sang his song “Say No” and the audience praised him “Shukli hahbek” was his first song to be recorded on tape as part of a set of songs for singers.

He started his career in 2002 when he was nominated by producer and singer Shirin Abdel Wahab, who performed only one song “Love You” by releasing a joint album “tamer and Shirin” with free music. Then he released his first solo album in 2004 as “love” and rolled his albums art filmography seal reached great popularity in a short time. Within a few years, he had won numerous international awards and titles such as the best African Artist award from Afrikaans music awards2010. He also received the Legend of the century award for being an All-American artist from beige Apple Music Ord.

At the beginning of 2006, tamer was charged in a case of forgery for evading military service and forgery of a university degree belonging to the Faculty of Commerce of the Egyptian University of Mansoura.tamer was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison in that case, but the sentence was not carried out. Tamer said in this: I knew nothing about the forgery of the certificate of military service and what happened that I used some knowledge to ask them about it and to know how to obtain it, so they did what they did, and I thought that the certificate was valid because I did not know what the forged certificate looked like. However, Tamer spent 6 months in military prison after the sentence was commuted.

In 2012, he married Bassma Boussel, a Moroccan singer who retired after marrying him, a graduate of Star Akademi.

Cosmetic surgery

In 2018, Tamer Hosny underwent cosmetic surgery, including a “Texas” injection that makes the jaw more wide, as well as a “dimple” chin. In the final episode of The Voice Kids, Tamer Hosny’s facial features were much altered; he underwent a “Texas” injection that makes the jaw more wide, and received a “dimple” chin.

In 2021, he underwent another set of plastic surgeries revealed by several new photos he posted on his Instagram account, which highlighted a clear transformation in his features with a more elongated look on his face, in addition to the lips looking thinner with a combination of morphological changes that changed his look.


Tamer Hosny is considered one of the most controversial singers in the Arab world among his supporters and exhibitions have spread on the internet several sites and groups hostile to the singer and criticizing him for his actions, artistic productions and statements. The first accusations are that the singer changed his real name from “Badawi Abdulmohsen Abbas Farghali” to his current name without much evidence on the matter. Tamer has also been accused of hiring girls to cry and creating hysteria at his concerts where this condition is agreed with the organizers in advance, because it also helps them to mobilize the public and create mass hysteria that helps to sell all tickets.

Tamer Hosny was expelled from Tahrir Square on February 9, 2011, during the period of the January 25 Revolution, when protesters accused him of being the one who criticized the revolution at the beginning. He was outside Egypt at the outbreak of the revolution and the Egyptian media misled him and when he returned to Egypt he knew the truth and wanted to apologize to the revolutionaries but did not give him room.

List of works


Tamer and Shirin (2002), love (2004), eye in love with you (2005), Bint El-eh (2007), near Kaman, paradise in our homes (2008), Hai live my life (2009), I choose true (2010), Alli Jay ahlaa (2011), one little world (2012 debut album).

Single songs

– Smile with global singer Shaggy (2012)
– Se El Sayed with international artist Snoop Dogg was filmed and will soon be shown on mazika channels


Love affair (2003), emotional master (2005), Lifetime and peaceful 3 parts (2007 – 2009 – 2011), captain Hema (2008), the light of my eyes (2010).



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