Taj Haider

Taj Haider

Taj Haider (born 3 August 1988 in Damascus, Syria) is a Syrian actress.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Taj Haider
Name in Arabic: Taj Haider
Full real name: Taj Maher Haider
Nickname: Arabic screen Imam
State: Syria
Date of birth: August 3, 1988
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Age: 29 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Leo
Profession: actress
Years of activity: 2000 – to date
Social status: Married

Biography, Life Story

Taj Haider was born on August 3, 1988 in Damascus, the capital of Syria. A talented actress with a baby face, and her debut is the series “zeer Salem” and did not exceed ten years old, after they had played their paper . Then she played her role in the series Sons of oppression and then began her true fame in the series Bab Al-Hara. Taj Haidar won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Ahl Al Raya series at the Adonia Festival 2009, presented by Nidal sejr and the competition was between: Taj Haidar, Laura Abi Asaad, kendha Hanna, Ward Al Khal and Amal Saaduddin. This young artist has been able to shine as a big star of her presence in a record period.

List of works

Zair series – Once Upon a time series (one episode) – Sons of oppression – treachery – returning to Haifa – Nizar Qabbani – behind bars – echo of the spirit – Bab Al – Hara (C1, 2) – waiting – Ahl al – ghram (C1, 2 episodes of each part) – on the edge of the abyss – messages of love and war – Kom stone – rebel angel – bottom of the city – Ahl Al – Raya (C1, 2) – narrow corridors – movie parade fathers -, 2) – series I am Jerusalem – movie unknown lady – series doors of the clouds – Series spot of light (C3, 4 some paintings) – series world exposed (some paintings) – series birth of the loin – series of forgiveness – Series Delilah and zibak (C1, 2) – series of tribes – series of explosion – series of the leader-series of Hassan and Hussein and maawiya bin Abi Sufyan may Allah be pleased with them.