Samir Ghanem

Samir Ghanem

Samir Ghanem is an Egyptian actor, born on January 15, 1943 in Assiut, Egypt.

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Name: Samir Ghanem
Name in Arabic: سمير غانم
Full real name: Samir Youssef Ghanem
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: January 15, 1943
Place of birth: Assiut, Egypt
Date of death: May 20, 2021
Place of death: Giza, Egypt
Cause of death: black fungus
Age: 78 years, 04 months and 5 days (at death 2021)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Profession: Actor
Years of activity: 1963 – until now
Social status: Married
Wife: Dalal Abdel Aziz (Egyptian actress)
Sons: Donia (Dunia Samir Ghanem), Amal (Amy Samir Ghanem)
Mother: Fathia Mahmoud Helmy

Biography, Life story

Samir Ghanem was born on January 15, 1943 in Assiut, Egypt. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Alexandria University. He began his artistic life as one of the members of the Trio Enlightenment Troupe after imagining the artists Waheed Seif and Adel Nassif, and participated in the work with the band, the guest artist Ahmed and George Sidhom. Together, the three presented a number of films and sketches, such as the Kotomoto sketch and a number of plays, including “Happened in Ezbet El Ward” and “Al Ragel.” The one I marry his wife” and “Hawadit”, then separated from them at the beginning of the seventies, the band disbanded after the death of the guest Ahmed in 1970 and went with George Sidhom to act together in several plays during the seventies in addition to his participation in films. Their last theatrical work together was the play Welcome, Doctor in 1981. In the eighties, he presented the series “Fawazeer Ramadan” under the names of the characters “Samoura” and “Fatouta”. He is considered one of the stars of the stage between Adel Imam, Mohamed Negm and Mohamed Sobhi.

Samir Ghanem married the Egyptian actress Dalal Abdel Aziz, after they joined her in the play Welcome, Doctor, and they had two daughters, Donia (Dunia Samir Ghanem) and Amal (Amy Samir Ghanem), who are also actresses.

List of works – Filmography

Dalal Abdelaziz & Samir GhanemFilms

Nour’s Journey, Cairo at Night (1963), I am not a thief, the warm embrace, the sweetest days of our life, we are aware of the ambulance, the men are in danger, the dancer and the bartender, the cheat, it’s all perfect, a dog bite, the girl who said no, a bride and a bridal nut, smart But stupid, kind of women, adventurers around the world, lovers’ rail, to the authorized, my love, celibate romances, good children, music in danger, genetic madmen, kings of laughter, liars, my darling so naughty, 24 hours of love, groom in the lottery, ah Oh night, oh time, princess of my love, I, the school of rioters, the three madmen, we are not angels, the thief, marriage in the modern way, the two brothers, oh Lord, a boy, a storyteller, joys, guarded by the headhunter, the fugitives, very crazy young men, take care of Zuzu, Little to love, city lights, ladies and gentlemen, young men these days, quiet nest, air passport, soft sex, reckless husbands, look what sugar are you doing, to the authorized, my love, respected husband, sweet girl, the lie, 13 lies and a lie, the sweet And the stupid, the best days of life, hello captain, the children of halal, the railway of the lovers, some go to the authorized twice, smart but stupid, girls want what, lips don’t know Lying, my princess, my love, you answer it like this, postpone it like this, it is like this, 4.2.4, Ramadan over the volcano, precedents, the sniper and Al-Arid Al-Halji, poor but happy, fleeing to hell, the bus station, a criminal despite his nose, the unfortunate, the turtle, the captain arrived, Samoura and the girl the matter.


Dory May Foulas, Professor Music, Neighborhood Musical for Sharqi, Hawadet, Tabikh Al Angels, Tonight the Maid’s Marriage, Bahloul in Istanbul, The Married Persons (1978), Juha Ruling the City, The Beautiful Explosion, Hello Doctor (1981), Me, my wife and Monica, my wife is a leader Gang, me, the regime, and Hawk, Julio and Romet in general, the hard labor hotel, the man who married his wife, Tralmlam, 60-year-olds.


A strange story, a miso story, a very honorable man, Captain Gouda, the tales of Mr. Ayoub and Mrs. Enayat (1996), the magical journey of Fattuta (5 parts), Awadin and the Empire of Ain (1997), a cat and a mouse, Five Star (1999), Forget what has passed, Farhat (2002), Che Toto Restaurant (2004), Abdel Hamid Academy (2005), With You On Air, Heim Abdel Dayem (2006), Naughty Stories (2009), Abu Dhkah Janan (2009), Samir and His Lots of Family (2010), Sherbet Luz (2012).

presenting programs

Ramadan Fawazeer (Fatouta), an end point, an hour with..

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