Saber El Robaey

Saber El Robaey

Saber El robaey (born 13 March 1967 in Sfax, Tunisia) is a Tunisian singer.

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Name: Saber El Robaey
Name in Arabic: Saber El Robaey
Country of nationality: Tunisia
Date of birth: March 13, 1967
Place of birth: Sfax, Tunisia
Age: 50 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Pisces
Profession: singer
Genre: Arabic tarbi singing
Musical instruments: lute, violin
Social status: Married
Sons: Islam, Safa

Biography, Life Story

Saber El Robaey was born on March 13, 1967 in Sfax, Tunisia, and grew up in a family with artistic leanings that played lute and violin. Saber performed several artistic tours in the Arab world, including a tour of Occupied Palestine, and also took the stage of the Olympics, one of the largest galleries in France. Special acoustic material. He is the author of the song Cry of the Almighty composer Mohamed almajri, where the song caused a stir in the Tunisian artistic circles. After that, he went to the Orient to go to glory through his contract with Rotana visual and audio company to gain fame through the song Ezz Al Habayeb in a fruitful collaboration with the artist Marwan Khoury and to continue to shine so far. Married and father of a child and a daughter Islam and Safa.

List of works


Barsha-Sidi Mansour – yalli pymalak – Rahat and Jeet – O Allah – hayrouni – Khel Tark (2001) – Ali Jari (Asala 2001) – street of love (2003) – challenge the world (2004) – the most beautiful women of the world (2006) – Gharba (2007) – wahshni too (2009) – narrowed Beck – Iza myself-represented love Alia.

Single songs

Simply put (2006)


The voice – the sweetest voice to discover talent in singing with (Kazim Al-Saher, Assi Al-Halani, Shirin Abdul Wahab).

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