Qamar Khalaf

Qamar Khalaf

Qamar Khalaf (born 9 April 1970 in Aleppo, Syria) is a Syrian actress.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Qamar Khalaf
Country of nationality: Syria
Date of birth: April 9, 1970
Place of birth: Aleppo, Syria
Age: 47 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Aries
Profession: actress
Years of activity: 1998 – present
Social status: Married
Husband: Muhannad qatish (former), mahiyar Khadour

Biography, Life Story

Qamar Khalaf was born on April 9, 1970, in Aleppo, Syria. She began her career in 1998 in the series bath faience in the third part. On December 29, 2011, she married artist Muhannad kotish. It has many distinctive roles and has a beautiful and elegant view of the screen.

List of works – serials

Nizar Qabbani, daughters of Ayla, Sabaya 2, time of shame, Sultanah, waiting, another rainy day, conflict over the Ramel, daffodils, Al-hasram al-Shami (C1, 2), Bee Road, under tread, relative calm, behind bars, Goar’s return.