Nermin Maher

Nermin Maher

Nermin Maher (born March 31, 1977) is an Egyptian actress.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Nermin Maher
Name in Arabic: Nermin Maher
Full real name: Nermeen Maher Mohamed
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: March 31, 1977
Age: 44 years (in 2021)
Astrological sign: Aries
Profession: actress
Genre: cinema, drama
Years of activity: 2005 – present
Social status: Single

Biography, Life Story

Nermin Maher was born on March 31, 1977. She started her career in commercials and then as a model in music videos, until the artist Adel Imam gave her the opportunity in the film embassy in Amarah in 2005, then continued to start where she participated in several films, and since 2013 she has participated in several television series.

List of works


Duki ya Muzika, private lesson (2005), embassy in architecture (Oshin, 2005), Ayal ranbat (2006), zamahluya (2008), stolen kisses (2008), country with a government (2008), girls of Lille (2010), magic of adoration (2010), ya i ya HOH (2011), superficial wound (2013), fugitives (2013), deposed the isolated (2014), healthy envelope (2014), one Saidi (2014), text of a dozen girls (2015).


Cinderella (2006), Yacoubian architecture (2007), Halal Boys (2009), Salim and dastah harem (2010), survival collar (2010), believe it or not (2011), one hand “pages of youth” (2011), stubborn (2011), Duran Shubra (2011), we are students (2011), Arafat Al Bahar (2012), fly my pilot (2012), Farah Layla (2013), Dekka al-Freij (2014), brothers (2014), al-muraaf (2014), Jabal Al-Halal (2014), case of adash (2015), suspect (2015), fingerprint (2015), special relations (2015), Dunya new (2015).


Bodyguard (1999).