Maya Diab

Maya Dyab

Maya Diab, a Lebanese singer, was born on June 3, 1978 in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Name: Maya Diab
Name in Arabic: مايا دياب
Country of nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Religion: Christianity
Date of birth: June 3, 1978
Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Age: 44 years (in 2022)
Astrological sign: Gemini
Profession: Singer, presenter, actress, model
Years of activity: 1996 – until now
Social status: married
Husband: Abbas Nasser (Lebanese businessman)
Sons: Kai (Child)

Biography, Life story

Maya Diab was born on June 3, 1978 in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. She started her fame through the Studio El Fan program in 1996, where she won the Gold Award for modeling, then competed again in Studio El Fan in 2001 for the presentation category, then joined the Four Cats band, which decided to separate from her in 2010 to work alone in the artistic field. Diab decided to shoot a video clip with the Lebanese director Yahya Saadeh in Turkey, but Saadeh died while preparing to shoot the song due to an electric shock. Diab considered Saadeh one of the most important Arab directors. She won Best TV Presenter for Heck Mengni in 2012.

Maya Diab is the most exciting Lebanese star of 2012, according to a poll conducted by the “Jololi” website, which specializes in art and celebrity news, surpassing her compatriots Nicole Saba, Haifa Wehbe, Lamita Franjieh and Myriam Fares.

Maya is married to Shiite Muslim businessman Abbas Nasser and they have a daughter named Kay.

Maya was exposed to a real kidnapping incident in Beirut, where the kidnappers seized her gold jewelry and her car and then released her on the airport road.

List of works


Bamba, Al-Ekhtyar (Al-Nahar channel).


Asad and Arbaa Qatat (2007), Haki Niswan (2009), the series “The World Heik” (2010).

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