Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, American singer, was born on March 27, 1970 in Huntington, New York, United States.

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Name: Mariah Carey
Country of nationality: United States
Date of birth: March 27, 1970
Place of birth: Huntington, New York, United States
Age: 47 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Aries
Profession: singer, songwriter, record producer, actress
Genre: pop, R & B, Hip-Hop, Dance
Years of activity: 1988 – present
Social status: Married

Biography, Life Story

The beginning of Mariah Carey’s life 1970 – 1987

Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970 in Huntington, New York, United States. From American parents, her father Alfred Roy, was of African and Venezuelan descent, while her mother and Patricia’s father (Hickey Ney) were of Irish descent. Patricia’s father died while she was young, and yet she inherited his love for music. She developed her career into an occasional opera singer and Voice coach, and met Alfred in 1960. As he began making a living as an aeronautical engineer, he married Patricia later that year and moved to a small suburb of New York. After the marriage, Patricia’s family disowned her for marrying a man of African American descent Maria explained when she grew up later, she said that she felt neglected by her mother’s family, a sign that greatly affected her: “later I was like,’ Well, where is this going to leave me? Am I a bad person?’You know, the common denominator of being a multiracial person is still there, but I’m happy with who I am.’ During a period of years between Maria’s older sister Alison and Maria’s birth, the Carey family experienced personal conflicts within the community due to their ethnicity. The name Maria is derived from the song “they call the wind Maria”, originally from the 1951 Broadway musical “draw your cart”. When Maria was three years old, her parents separated due to the increasingly arduous nature of their marriage.

Consisting Maria here about how her childhood was difficult:

“it was difficult for me to travel a lot, I grew up alone… My parents divorced. I’ve always felt different from everyone else in the neighborhood, and I’m an ethnically different person. Sometimes, it can be a problem. If you look a certain way, everyone will say ‘white girl’, I will go’No, that’s not what I am’.”

After their separation, Maria’s older sister Alison moved with her father, while the other two children remained with Patricia. As the years passed, Maria grew away from her father, later she stopped seeing him. At the age of four, Maria recalled that she was sneaking around, taking the radio and putting it under bed linen at night, singing from her heart, to try to find peace in music. In elementary school, she excelled in subjects in which she enjoyed, such as art, literature and music, while not finding interest in others. After several years of financial struggle, I got Patricia enough money to move her family to the more stable and richness in New York. Maria began writing poems and adding melodies to them, and thus began to be described as a singer-songwriter while she attended harpfields high school in greenlan, New York. Even at an early age, Maria excelled in her music, and was able to master the vocal ability to beep while singing, although only beginning to master and control the characteristic by training with her mother. Despite the opening of her daughter in the world of classical opera, Patricia never felt the pressure to pursue a career in this genre, nor was she interested in the world of music. Maria noted that she kept her work as a singer-songwriter a secret, noting that Patricia “my mother was not arrogant, she never said, ‘that I should sing an opera’ I respect opera, but it did not affect me”.

At the end of her high school she became in a relationship with Christopher Gavin, with whom she shared musical aspirations. The duo wrote a song together, however they needed an assistant who could perform an electric org, ” let someone to come to but could not attend, so by chance we agreed to Ben [Margulies], Ben came to the studio, he didn’t know to play an electric org very well – he was adept at drumming – but after that The two began composing and composing songs in the basement of his father’s store, during Maria’s final year of high school, after composing their first single together “here we go on tour”, which Maria described as having the stamp of Motown Records, they went on to write an entire sample tape. After Maria graduated from high school her mother remarried, eventually pushing her out of her mother Patricia’s apartment, and into the one-bedroom studio in Manhattan, which she shared with four other students. During this period, Maria worked several jobs as a waitress, usually being fired after two weeks between time intervals. While she needs to work in order to pay the rent, Maria’s mind and effort are still with her musical ambitions, as she has continued to work until late at night with Margulies, hoping to finish a sample bar that can be passed on to executives of production companies. After completion of four songs from the sample bar, I tried to Maria to shift production companies, but failed to draw attention to some companies. It was at that time that she got acquainted with the popular pop singer Brenda key. Star of Puerto Rico.

The artistic beginning and the spread of Mariah Carey 1988 – until now

Maria had a friendship with Star Gro, who did her a favor and she helped Maria succeed in the music sector. On a Friday night in November 1987, Starr accompanied Maria to the recording executives Festival, where she handed over her demo tape to Tommy Mottola, president of Columbia Records, who listened to him on the way home. After hearing the first two songs from the demo tape, he even became fond of this sound and the quality of Maria’s voice that made him return to the event but found her had left the event. In what was widely described by critics as like a modern-day Cinderella tale, after searching for Maria for two weeks, he eventually contacted Maria via the management of Star Gro, signed her the contract and immediately began with her for her mainstream music debut. Asked Maria she wants to continue working with Margulies, Tommy Mottola made Mary deals with top producers at the time, including Ric Wake, Narada Michael Walden and Rita Lawrence. Tommy Mottola and the workers at Columbia Records intended to make Maria their main pop artist in the company, to compete with Whitney Houston and Madonna, who were signed to Arista and Sierra records respectively.

She made her debut in 1990 under the direction of Tommy Mottola when she released her first studio album of the same name, Mariah Carey. – Her first four singles reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, after which she married Tommy Mottola in 1993, after which she released several successful albums, including passions (1991), jukebox (1993) and Merry Christmas (1994), making her the highest-selling artist on a Columbia Record, daydreaming (1995) which entered musical history when the second single from ten weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the song is considered the longest song to have spent at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, during Album recording Mariah Carey began to define her new pop background, slowly abandoning R & B and hip-hop, after her split from Tommy and Motola this was the cause of the apparent musical change with the release of the album Butterfly (1997).

Mariah Carey left Columbia Records in 2000, signed a contract with Virgin Records worth دولار 100 million and is considered a record, in 2001 Maria ventured into the film Glitter, before the screening of the film she had a physical and emotional breakdown and was hospitalized for severe exhaustion, after that Maria glitter film reception of the film was poor, she bought the contract from Virgin Records for chart with the release of meme (2005), the second single “We Belong Together”, which became the song The most successful in her musical career, later named “Song of the decade” by Billboard, Maria again ventured into an acting career, starring in precious (2009) and her role in the film was well received, she received the award “new Performance Award” at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and a nomination at the NAACP Image Award.

In a career spanning more than two decades, Maria has sold more than 200 million studio albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time, in 1998 she was honored for being considered the world’s best-selling artist of the nineties at the World Music Awards, also Maria was named the best-selling artist in 2000 according to the Recording Industry Association of America, Number One in the United States more than any other solo artist، Apart from her commercial achievements, Maria has won five Grammy Awards, and is known for her five-piece vocal range, energy, melismatic style and also vocal ability to beep while singing.