Mai Sakkaf

Mai Sakkaf

Mai Sakkaf (born 13 April 1969 in Damascus, Syria) is a Syrian actress.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Mai Sakkaf
Name in Arabic: مي سكاف
Nickname: free artist
Country of nationality: Syria
Date of birth: April 13, 1969
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Date of death: 23 July 2018
Place of death: Paris, France
Age: 52 years (in 2021)
Astrological sign: Aries
Profession: actress
Genre: Syrian drama
Years of activity: 1991 – present

Biography, Life Story

Mai Sakkaf was born on April 13, 1969 Damascus, the capital of Syria, she studied French literature at the University of Damascus, and there began her talent where she participated fellow students in presenting many theatrical works at the French Cultural Center at the University, and she attracted the attention and consideration of film director Maher Kidou, who chose her for the starring her roles are between large and small screens.

After her role in the series (The Valiant) with director Najdat Anzor, she participated in the series (Beit alayla) written by Dala Al Rahbi and directed by Hind Meydani. After that, she appeared in a different work, in a series called “leshu Al-Hakki” by Rizwan Shaheen. The series is silent, and the duration of each episode does not exceed twenty minutes, and is shared by a group of actors, such as Bassam Koussa and Karis.

During the Syrian revolution she declared her rejection of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and during a peaceful demonstration with a number of intellectuals she was arrested, released days later and scheduled for trial.
In 2013, she moved to stay in Paris the capital of France.

In 2018, Mai Sakkaf died in Paris at the age of 49.

List of works

Khan al-Harir 2, mirrors 98, castles, a seat in the garden (1998), Spear of fire, furs (1999), valiant (2002), Beit Al-Aila (2001), migratory spirits (2002), spring of Cordoba, Diaspora (2003), rogue, station 30, Poplar eye, the sun rises again (2005), last days of the Dove, Nada of days, echo of the spirit, Ahl al-ghram 1 (2006), this world (2007), biography of love (2007), me and my brothers 2, seasons of danger, daffodils (2008), me and my brothers 3 (2009), soul restraints (2010), the turn (2011), age (2012), the birth series of loin 3 (2013), asphalt collar (2014).