Hussien El Emam

Hussien El Emam

Hussien El Emam (born 8 February 1951) is an Egyptian television presenter, actor, singer, composer, distributor, songwriter, screenwriter and dialogue writer.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Hussien El Emam
Name in Arabic: حسين الإمام
Country: Egypt
Date of birth: February 8, 1951
Date of death: 17 May 2014
Place of death: his home in the European countryside, Cairo
Age: 63 years, 3 months and 9 day (of death)
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Profession: actor, presenter, musician, producer
Social status: Married
Wife: Sahar Rami
Sons: Yusuf, Salem
Father: Hassan El Emam
Brothers: Moudi Imam

Biography, Life Story

Hussien El Emam was born on February 8, 1951, is the son of Director Hassan El Emam and brother of musician Moudi El Emam. Married to actress Sahar Rami. He has two sons, Joseph and Salem.

He and his brother Moudi El Emam made many melodies and lyrical albums, and formed a singing and musical duo with him ; their works even reached five lyrical albums, composing film music: kaburia, estakusa and other films. His activity in the recent period was limited to setting melodies for plays. He put new color melodies for some of the plays, such as: Balu, alabanda, Ma Baba sleeps and for adults only on the State stage.

Hussien El Emam recently decided to move away from the commercial style of setting melodies for films, and he worked some of the melodies from his composition and freedom, since he had his own studio. He also stated that many of his works are stolen, the most recent being the song performed by singer Rico and Mika. It is similar to his song “so in Zamalek”. He decided not to disclose details of the film work, after noticing the theft of his works and ideas, and recently turned to writing and stories by presenting a collection of ideas to the writer and author Mohamed Nasser.

Hussien El Emam died on 17 May 2014 at the age of 63 at his home in the European countryside of Cairo following a heart attack.

List of works

Movies – starring

Bemba Kesher (1975), paradise under her feet (1979), Kapuria (1990), Pizza Pizza (1998), Ashik Wade in Roxy (1999), also in Zamalek (2002).

Movies – watch

Love over the volcano (1978), Sultana El Tarab (1979), tell ya Scheherazade (2009), Samir Abu El Nile (2013).

Movies – soundtrack

Sugar (1973), Pemba keshr (1974), Badia musabni (1975), TeamSpeak has lips (1976), apartment and Bride of the Lord (1978), account of the years (1978), without a better marriage (1978), moments of weakness (1981), salkhana (1982), reel sweeter than daytime (1986), prey (1986), flirt (1987), price alienation (1989), hes heard (1991), Falcon Eyes (1992), Aylah’s woman to fall (1992), ice cream in Glim (1992), Disco Disco (1994), threshold of sixes (1995), silence of the sheep (1995), ya Dunya ya Grammy (1996), the virtuous (1996), estakusa (1996), Ashik wade in Roxy (also story, scenario and dialogue, 1999), red rose (2000), ferret (2000), Ibn Ezz (2001), also in Zamalek (2002).


For justice many faces, happy, miserable, unhappy, the sorrows of Mary, Satan does not know love, Yak Hanna jeeran (Moroccan series), Adam and Jamila.

Songs – composed by

Muhammad Munir, high is high, Baba.

Plays – composing music

Balu, alabanda, why Papa sleeps, for adults only.


The director Tarek al-Kashif discovered him, especially since he knows that he is fluent in three languages, as well as culture and extensive knowledge. Then presented by Tarek Nur, owner of advertising and production company, a successful presentation Hussein al Imam presented programs:
Hassan on the air, Hussein on the corner, separator and continue, Aya system, the words of Hussein.


He directed some of Muhammad Munir’s songs.