Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya is a Turkish actress, born October 1, 1990 in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name: Hazal Kaya
Name in Arabic: Hazal Kaya
Full real name: Leyla Hazal Kaya
Country of nationality: Turkey
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: October 1, 1990
Place of birth: Gaziantep, Turkey
Age: 31 years (as of 2022)
Astrological sign: Libra
Profession: actress
Genre: Romance Series
Musical instruments: violin
Years of activity: 2006 – until now
Social status: married
Length: 1.60 meters

Biography, Life story

Hazel Kaya is a Turkish actress, born October 1, 1990 in Gaziantep, Turkey. Her real name is Leyla Hazal Kaya, but they call her Hazal since she was little. Belonging to an upper-class family, she studied at an Italian high school in Istanbul and graduated in 2010. She is currently still studying in Istanbul. Her parents, both lawyers, divorced when she was 7 years old. She was introduced to the world of arts at a very young age. As a child, she took ballet lessons and played the violin for 7 years. She also loves tango, and develops her skills. Her favorite football team is Besiktas. Hazal Kaya speaks Turkish (mother tongue), fluent English, Italian (Advanced) and French (Advanced), and is learning German.

Her first role was 2007 in “Ginko” (The Lost Dream) TV series where she took one of the main roles. In 2008, Kaya continued as one of the leading actresses by playing (Nihal) in Forbidden Love. She played the role of Feriha in the first and second seasons of the TV series Adını Feriha Koydum (I called her Feriha). The series is one of the highest percentages of television in Turkey. She played a janitor’s daughter trapped between two lives; Kaya also became very popular for her acting and beauty in Aşk-ı Memnu (Forbidden Love).

List of works – Filmography – series

Hazal KayaSila, The Secret of the Stone, Little Witches (2006), The Lost Dream (2007), Forbidden Love (2008), Ankara Police, I called her Feriha (2011), The Last Balkans (2012), ASK Love (2013), Maral (2015).

Official social media

Facebook : facebook.com/HazalKaya110
Twitter : twitter.com/hazalkaya110
Instagram : instagram.com/leylahazal
Official website : www.hazalkaya.com.trHazal Kaya

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