Hassan Hosny

Hassan Hosny

Hassan Hosny, an Egyptian actor, was born on October 15, 1931 in the Citadel District – Egypt.

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Name: Hassan Hosny
Name in Arabic: حسن حسني
Full real name: Hassan Hosni Mahmoud
Nickname: The Flying Actor, The Strawberry, The Saw
Country: Egypt
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: October 15, 1931
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Date of death: May 30, 2020
Place of death: Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Giza, Egypt
Cause of death: heart attack
Age: 88 years, 07 months and 14 days (at death 2020)
Astrological sign: Libra
Profession: Actor
Genre: Cinema, Drama

Biography, Life story

Hassan Hosni was born on October 15, 1931 in the Al-Qalaa neighborhood, to the father of a building contractor. He lost his mother, who passed away at an early age, and at the age of six, he received his education at Al-Radwaniyah Primary School, and at this stage he represented the school theater, and won many medals. Tawjihi Certificate in 1959.

At the beginning of the sixties, he became a member of the Military Theater Troupe, which was affiliated with the army. At that time, he did not realize that he would represent a certain segment of people, only soldiers and officers, and sometimes their families. In that period, he did not reach the masses on a large scale, until a decision was issued to dissolve the military theater after the defeat of June 5, 1967, at which time he felt a breakthrough, so that each of them began a journey in search of an opportunity to show talent, to then play several roles in several plays. Then, with director Samir Al-Asfouri, he presented the play (Blank Talk), which continued for 6 months, a record number by the standards of that period, and his success in this play caused him to move to the National Theater and then the Modern Theater, through which he achieved another success in his career. He qualified him to work in the private sector theaters in the early seventies, when he joined the troupe (Tahiya Karioca), in which he worked for 9 years, during which he presented his most beautiful plays, as he put it, foremost of which are (Rubabikia) and (The owner of the architecture).

At the end of the seventies, he participated in the series (My Dear Sons, Thank You), which gave him the fame he wished for, and with the beginning of the eighties, Dubai and Ajman studios opened their doors to Egyptian stars, and among them was Hassan Hosni, who filmed many works that he himself does not remember the number of, and they were shown in the Gulf countries extensively. At the time, his friends called him the “Flying Actor” due to his frequent movement between Ajman and Dubai studios to shoot many works. At this stage, he moved away from the theater for about eight years, but he returned to it in the mid-eighties, when he presented the play (A Raseef), which supported his stardom with the Egyptian and Arab audience alike. The great comedian Mohamed Negm.

Hassan Hosni’s relationship with cinema began with a small role in the movie (Al Karnak) with director Ali Badrakhan in 1975, but his role in the movie (Bus Driver), directed by Atef Al-Tayeb in 1982, was a milestone in his professional and artistic life, where he drew attention as a capable actor. They perform the roles of evil specifically differently.

The year 1993 was a distinguished year in the artistic history of Hassan Hosni. At the time when he traveled to Syria and Lebanon to present the play (Jose and Almonds), which he was participating in, the jury of the Film Festival in Cairo, headed by Lotfi Al-Khouli, announced that he had won the Best Actor award, outperforming Ali Farouk al-Fishawi and Mahmoud Hamida who competed with him for the award that year. At the time, it was customary to award prizes to art stars who had the title (screen boy) or (elves).

Also in the same year, Hassan Hosni won the Best Actor Award at the Alexandria Film Festival for the movie Knight of the City.

Since the mid-nineties, a new stage began in the life of Hassan Hosni, which was most distinguished by his participation in the youth films that began in that period, to the extent that some said that it is an ISO certificate for those films that are not without his presence in them, starting with the films of Mohamed Henedy and ending with the films of Hamada Hilal. . He is considered the common denominator of comedy films in the last ten years due to his appearance in most of the comedy films for young comedians.

List of works – Filmography


Alhanim and I, the straw, is very secret, the jewel, and in it.
The Open Door, No Time for Love (1963), The Girl of the Hatta (1964), The Other Half (1967), Harem Market (1970), Love and Pride (1972), City of Silence (1973), The Princess of My Love (1974), Love in the Rain Nothing Matters, Karnak (1975), Cat on Fire (1977), The Pickpocket Millionaire (1978), Al Mawardi Coffee, The Solution His Name is Nazira, Layal (1982), Bus Driver (1983), Farewell, My Son, A Man Killed by Love, Innocent , Sorry for the Mistake, Fish and Similarities (1986), Diaries of a Modern Woman, The Wife of an Important Man, The Badron, The Last Look, A Teacher Strike, A Man in the Eyes of a Woman (1987), Even After a Time (1988), The Rapists, The Grandchildren’s Struggle (1989), Me, My Mother-in-law and Time, The Revenge Game, The Egyptian Citizen, The Boys of the Teacher (1990), A Hero from Upper Egypt, The Last Stab, The Massacles, The Escape, The 12th Division, Abu Kartona (1991), The Killer, Prisoner 67, Blood on the Asphalt, The Attack, Fathia and the Mercedes ( 1992), An investigation with Mwatana, Knight of the City, Why Ya Violet, the Fierce (1993), Miss Kaf, Rabbit Dressing, Jeans (1994), The Thief of Joy, Bakheet and Adela, Farewell to Singlehood (1995), Meet Phil, Time and Dogs, Nasser 56 The Asphalt Goblins (1996), The Bucket and the Clan, One Woman and Five Men, The Daytime Goblin (1997), Land, Land, Hero, Six Sixes (1998), Joy, Lamda, slaves on the border, the oppressor and the oppressed (1999), Sons of Satan, Al-Nazir (2000), Saidi Rayah Gay, Passport by Republican Decree, Africano, Ibn Ezz (2000) 2001), Sahar El-Ayoun, Adam’s Autumn, Lawyer Dislocation, A Bold Heart (2002), Al-Lambi, Tariff Arabic, Who Thinks About You, Mido Problems, Call Mama, Askar in the Camp (2003), Al-Basha Student, First Year a Monument, Stupid in It , Awkal, an inch and a text, The Best of Times (2004), Private Lesson, Zaki Chan, Jay in the Express, Bouha, Free of Cholesterol, The Night of the Fall of Baghdad, Hamada Plays, Oh My Aunt, One Cappuccino, Hilarious Lieutenant Adam, Habiba’s Children ( 2005), full descriptions, made me a criminal, head-slashing, in Arabic, Cinderella, I think, a chick, an apple and an apple, a diver, the dreams of a stray boy (2006), Karkar, an outlaw, a lion and four cats (2007), we met before, my love Asleep, Trapezoid, Last Speech, H Wasp (2008), Romantic Beh, Bobos, Joy, Shubra Earthquake, Keep Meet Me, The Dictator, Without Censorship, Doctor Silicon (2009), Keep in Mind From Zizi, Deep Jay Jay, Bon Soiree, Honor Woman, The Mysterious Man With His Safety, Mood Network, 8GB Lamp, B Net Men in the Country, Awlad Al Soul Rajab (2010), Fook from me, Hello Cairo, Play Music, A Stroke of Luck (2011), Marriage Cheating (2012), On My Body, Tom and Jimmy, My Aunt’s Theory, The Lionheart, My Wife and My Wife (2014) ), Captain Egypt, Sleep of the Hills, My Life Is Bad (2015).


Ward 4, Al-Nour Road, Al-Asl Dour, Great Love, Sherbet, Kaaba, Shaboura, Plan No. 13, sunset without sunrise, very annoying guests, wolf, alien seas, crime in the express, taxi driver evening TV, people like this and that, The unknown, waves that do not reach a shore, praise be to God for safety, a dream at the end of the night, and Islam came in peace, with my deepest pride.
Sleepy (1970), How to Lose a Million Pounds (1978), My Dear Sons, Thank You, Detective Inspector, Zainab and the Throne (1979), Fox Racing (1981), Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the Lighthouse of Islam (1982), My Neighborhood Without Chains (1984), Al-Zanqlouni, Hotel Blue Stars (1985), Nas Modern, Gouache (1986), Al-Bashir (1987), A Creature Named Woman (1988), People and People 1, Flowers Don’t Die (1989), Raafat El-Hagan 2, An Hour for All People, A Husband’s Memoirs, Spence ( 1990), Al-Nawa (1991), The Halawani Gate, The Age of the Knights, and It Was a Meeting (1992), Money and Sons 1, The Mermaid (1993), The World is Luck, An Idea of ​​a Million Pounds, No to Wives, Arabesque (1994), Southern Dream, Ali Bab Al-Wazir (1995), Abul-Ela 90, Al-Hilu never completes, Dreams of Koo, Our parents (1996), Private secrets, People are races, The thief I love (1997), Cat and Mouse, Republic of Zefti, Redd my heart (1998), Honey Day Day Basal, Umm Kulthum, Prisoner Without Chains (1999), Forgive me, I didn’t mean it, Al-Tablawi alley, Bridge of danger, Faggala, O men of the world unite, Face of the Moon (2000), The Women Are Coming (2001), Time of Emad Al-Din, Juha Al-Masry, Birds of the Sun The dream of the wayfarer, the sailor Mandi, a princess in Abdeen, where is my heart (2002), the king of my soul (2003), Bint Afandina, Afarat Al-Siyala (2004), Meet on the Air (2005), Ali Ya Wicca, It’s Time (2006), Thank God for Safety, Last Line, A Woman in the Creature of the Snake (2007), Spiral, High School, Word of Truth, Hema Days of Laughter and Tears (2008), Heaven of the Devil, Nasma and Nassib – Setcom, Ask me from Papa, A good, rich, broke family, My Right to My Neck, The Bad Guys (2009), Forbidden, Baba, Critical Moments (2009 – 2010), Shame, Thief and Book (2010), Husbands in Trouble, Samara, Lost Sayings, Harmonia, Ramadan Cannon, Hawakah Boat – Set Com (2011), In Our Home Harika – Set Com, The Fourth Wife, Son of the System, So-and-so Shaw, Still Married (2012), Good mood, Super Henedy (2013), Khali Wasl (2014), The Tramp, Youth Bomb 4 (2015).


When Papa sleeps, the nightmare, on the sidewalk, Shatara Valley, Jos and Almonds, Afroto, the wives of Al-Hala, the house of the late, the beautiful explosion, make up your mind, crazy, infallibility in the hands of my mother-in-law, pack me, me and her and the computer, Al-Hanim’s car, girls’ marriage, Raya’s children And Sakina, Sugar Ziada, Cinderella and Meddah, Nonsense, Cream and Honey, Tarzan, The Beautiful Explosion, Red Love, The Swinging, The Peanuts, The Liar Musaylimah, The Love Game, The Season Bomb, The Pranks Of Hiran, Afroto.

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