Hani Shaker

Hani Shaker

Hani Shaker (born 1952) is an Egyptian singer.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Hani Shaker
Name in Arabic: Hani Shaker
Nickname: Prince of Arabic singing
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: 1952
Age: 65 years (in 2017)
Profession: singer
Genre: Arabic Tarabi songs
Years of activity: from childhood until now
Social status: Married
Wife: Nahla Tawfiq
Children: Dina, Sheriff
Father: Abdulaziz Shaker

Biography, Life Story

Hani Shaker was born in 1952. His father, Mr. Abdelaziz Shaker, was an employee of the Egyptian Tax Service who died in 1970.” The mother was an employee of the Ministry of Health and died on 21-3-2009. The artist Hani Shaker is considered one of the middle generation who appeared among the singing giants of Egypt such as Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Farid Al-Atrash. Hani Shaker started his artistic career Young, and his first entry into the art world was in the film (Syed Darwish) where he played Syed Darwish as a child, and he was selected among dozens of boys. He then participated with Abdul Halim in a song (Hani Shaker) where he was among the choir, the first to discover the voice of Hani Shaker was the musician Mohammed Al-Moji at the end of 1972, where he sang his first song entitled (sweet YA Dunya), and it is said that when people heard it on the radio they thought it was a new song At first, he was confronted by many rumors about his disagreement with the brown Nightingale. But soon the misunderstanding created by the press where the meeting between them was resolved and even went back to two incidents, the first was that Abdul Halim repaired the sound device in one of Hani Shaker’s concerts and the second incident that he sang with him the song (kudda Berda ya Qamar), and this song is the song that defined Hani Shaker the audience, nicknamed Hani Shaker has made many albums that have been very successful, with more than 600 songs since its inception, where he became the top Arab artist in terms of number of special songs. Combining the sweetness of the photo paper sensation and performance which qualified him to be one of the biggest stars in the song, Arab and succeeded in that embodies singing all cases of adoration humanitarian chance and pain, but in his own way.

List of works


No, my beloved – love melush big – on the laughter – shawr – all easy – my heart money – and was not Amri – Les menhelmesh – with you – who is not les – KDE Berda O Moon – yes my beloved (includes the songs of the Nightingale brown Abdul Halim Hafez) – believe me – yaritek Maaya – deliver me his eyes – HOH Elly chose – the tale of every lover – adored your laugh – we got to Finn – yaritni – beautiful dream – – with your love I (2002) – with your love my dear (2003) – near me Lek (2005) – sweetest nights (2007) – my love.. My life.. Photo album (2009) – after you Malish (2010).


Hani Shaker made three films, two of which were very successful: this I love and this I want (1975) – live for love – when Love sings


He has two theatrical experiences: Cinderella and praise – Egypt our country.


He participated in several national operettas, the most recent of which was “the chant of Orouba” in Saudi Arabia at the Janadriya festival.

Honours and awards – the main ones

– Order of merit honored by former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. He is the second recipient of this medal after the singer Firouz.
– Palestine Award, presented to him by Saeb Erekat after he was the first artist to sing in Palestine.
– The best singer in the last ten years, won in a public referendum held in Tunisia.

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