George Al Rassy

George Al Rassy

George Al Rassy, ​​a Lebanese singer, born in 1982 in the village of Salamoun El Nash – Lebanon.

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Name: George Al Rassi
Name in Arabic: جورج الراسي
Country of nationality: Lebanon
Date of birth: 1982
Place of birth: Salamoun Al-Nashm Village, Lebanon
Age: 40 years (in 2022)
Profession: singer
Genre: Arabic music
Musical Instruments: Tabla
Years of activity: 1995 – until now
Social status: divorced
Ex-wife: Joel Hatem (Lebanese model)
Sons: Joe Al Rassi
Father: Khalil Al Rassi
Mother: Ilham Khoury
Brothers: Nadine El Rassi (Lebanese actress)

Biography, Life story

George Al-Rassi was born in 1982 in the village of Salamon Al-Nashm in Lebanon, into an artistic family. His father is an oud player, and his sister is the Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi. He was married to the Brazilian-Lebanese model Joel Hatem, and they separated in 2015, and they have a child named Joe.

His two sons encouraged him to art, so he was able to pursue his vocal and artistic abilities. The first contract that George Al-Rassi spent at the age of 16 was with the “Obsion” club, to perform artistic concerts.

His beginning was very difficult, and his song Don’t Ask Me How Baghar achieved great success on the Arab level, and the Yellow House Company produced his first album, funded by Sheikh Ahmed bin Nashaat Al-Anan.

Georges Al-Rassi was famous among the luxurious Lebanese clubs and several tourist places and festivals, in addition to his participation in concerts organized in several luxury hotels. He issued several songs and albums, and filmed some video clips.

Georges Al-Rassi appeared to his fans and fans, singing with the Shahroura “Sabah”, in August at the Mayrouba Festival.

List of works


Night Night (1996), Hekaya (1998), You Cast the Goal (2000), You Can’t (2001), Jay Apologize (2002), How Do I Describe You (2003), Hamdallah Al Salamah (2011).


Evening of the night, Deb, a story, Jay apologizing, my heart died, how do I describe you, crazy love, for your eyes, my love, let’s talk about it.

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