Feryal Youssef

Feryal Youssef

Feryal Youssef (born 11 December 1980 in Carthage, Tunisia) is a Tunisian actress working in Egypt.

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Name: Feryal Youssef
Name in Arabic: Feryal Youssef
Full real name: Ferial Karajah
Country: Tunisia
Date of birth: December 11, 1980
Place of birth: Carthage, Tunisia
Age: 40 years (in 2021)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Profession: actress
Genre: Egyptian movies
Years of activity: 1996 – present
Social status: Divorced
Husband: Mohammed Juma Sharaf (formerly)

Biography, Life Story

Feryal Youssef was born in 1980 in Carthage, Tunisia, and received her bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce of Tunisia and then her master’s degree in Business Administration.

She entered the world of Lights since her childhood, where she participated at the age of fifteen in some advertisements on Tunisian television, drawing attention to her vitality, toughness and ease of performance, which nominated her for small roles in the Tunisian fawazir Ramadan.

She began her career with drama through the series “The Challenger”, which is a real start to her career in the art world, where she was admired by many for her good impersonation while still in her 17th year. Rolled watching her then in a group of serials Ramadan, Tunisian, however, they stopped for about representation and to study them, and then moved to Egypt to work as director of marketing, and then stopped working in marketing after one year of age due to the nature of his cumbersome, then returned to acting again during the Egyptian cinema in the movie “natural colours” . Her outstanding and varied roles in Egyptian drama and cinema gave her a place in the artistic scene in the Arab world after presenting for years a number of Tunisian series that did not exceed its local borders.

She was also selected to present the fan and their agent program in Ramadan 2011 and due to its success, a Tunisian version of it was presented on a private Tunisian channel.

She became engaged to Egyptian businessman Mohamed Juma Sharaf and they tied the knot in Tunisia on September 1, 2011, but soon broke up while about a month and a half before the wedding, which was scheduled to take place on December 11 of the same year.

List of works


The devil’s game, weak point, son of night, Ring of Solomon, mish a thousand nights, sugar crisis, Queen in exile, the words of naswan, the secret of life, the cabin of Sidi mahrousse, paths of confrontation, Ghalia, lotel, Lo.


In natural colors, the mysterious man with his integrity, the Republic of EMBA, F Sami carbon monoxide


Fans and their agent (2011).

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Facebook: facebook.com/egyfilm.Feryal.Youssef
Twitter: twitter.com/feryalyouseef