Entesar (born 8 January 1971 in Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian actress.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Entesar
Name in Arabic: Entesar
Full real name: Entesar Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed
Country of nationality: Egypt
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: January 8, 1971
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Age: 50 years (in 2021)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Profession: actress
Genre: cinema, series, comedy
Years of activity: 1991 – present
Sons: Mamdouh, Shahinaz

Biography, Life Story

Entesar was born on January 8, 1971 in Alexandria, Egypt, and holds a bachelor of Commerce degree from Alexandria University. After graduating, she worked as a director of Public Relations at the Academy of director Raafat Al-mihi, who discovered her by chance and introduced her in the film (Apple), this was the beginning of her artistic career in 1991, and she briefly became famous and participated in many roles, including secondary, and worked in many motion pictures and television series, and Her real start was in the series Ragel West and stat with actor Ashraf Abdul Baqi through the character of Sana in eight parts.

In 2015, Entesar co-presented and co-hosted the “nasnah” program on the channel (Cairo and people), with actress Hedi Karam, actress Badriya Talba, actress Shaima Saif and broadcaster Habiba Bassiouni. The programme has generated a lot of controversy because of the boldness of its themes.

List of works


Baltiya Al-Aima, zamahluya, I am a waste O Mee, Ms. Mamie, cream yaba, Zaki Shan, I want to take off, Abu Ali, the story of the neighborhood, popular, days of the neighborhood, the popular, days of JAYA, The Magic of the eyes, an inch and a half, Night Watch, Okal, Ali spicy, sleep in honey, apple, harmonica, six sixes, Labis, hard days, one zero, Shaaban Al-Faris, the popular neighborhood, trapezoid, in intent I stay, shaved monsters, uncle.


The theory of guava, the jujube man, the same, Kika Ali, Ali, the thief and the book, King Farouk, love story, son of Mott, thug, raised in Izzo, Ragel West Statt – 8 parts, family tales, Shatt Alexandria, 6 Tahrir Square, love Motta, bint afendina, citizen with the degree of minister, my life you, Days of shakhloul, wedge, Sarah, congratulations galk worried, dream of the South, Diary of a contemporary husband,


Acrobats, blashkids, Dunya, my guard, cheers, Baba.


Captain azuz.


Two in a prank, the same (2015-2017).