Elissa, is a Lebanese singer, born on October 27, 1971 in the town of Deir al-Ahmar, Lebanon.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Elissa
Name in Arabic: إليسا
Full real name: Elissa Zakaria Khoury
Country of nationality: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Religion: Christian
Date of birth: October 27, 1971
Place of birth: Deir al-Ahmar, Lebanon
Age: 45 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Profession: singer
Years of activity: 1992 – now
Production company: Rotana
Social status: Single
Father: Zakaria Khoury
Mother: Yemen Saud

Biography, Life Story

Elissa was born on October 27, 1971 in the Lebanese town of Deir al-Ahmar in the Bekaa. From a Syrian mother (Yemeni Saud) and a Lebanese father (Zakaria Khoury), her family consists of 3 daughters (left, Norma and… She studied at a boarding school and only saw her family on holidays.she attended the Faculty of political science at the Lebanese University but did not complete her university studies. She was very attached to her father, the poet and Arabic teacher Zakaria Khoury, and she joined the Faculty of political sciences at his request.

When she reached the age of 16 she became acquainted with the late great artist Wasim Tabara, who included her in his band “the Champs-Élysées”, and made her participate in satirical political plays that he composed, through which she stood before the audience on the stage of the theater “Théâtre de 10 heures, but she did not think to drop out

Her artistic beginning was in 1992, when she participated in the program Studio Art, which was shown on the Lebanese channel LBC, and she was still associated with her studies and work in the theater as well, and managed to divide her time on the three places with great diligence and seriousness, until she was awarded the silver medal from the program.

After the program she participated in several concerts, until 1999, the year she released her debut album “buddy dub” with the company “Lido brodschekens” and EMI.

In 2018, she participated as a member of the jury of the talent discovery program (sweetest voice) season four, with Assi Al-Halani, Mohammed Hamaki, Ahlam. By presenter Nardine Faraj.

She is also the first Lebanese artist to receive the World Music Award and the only Lebanese artist to receive it three times in 2005, 2006 and 2010.

The personal and emotional life

She dreams of starting a family and having children, whether a boy ” Omar “or a girl” Yasmin “because she loves Arabic names, her hobbies are sports and travel, she loves white, she prefers Givenchy perfume, she loves riding a BMW and driving an SUV. Before becoming an artist she wanted to be a presenter on television stations and she applied to casting at LBC and second stations.

As for her romantic relationship with the composer and distributor guy monokian of Armenian origin, this was the only emotional connection in her career, but she did not end the relationship, and it is said that the reason was Elissa’s desire to marry and start a family while monokian was not ready to settle down, noting that guy monokian married in 2008 to a Lebanese girl.

List of works


Badi dub (1999) – another with you (2000) – ayshalek (2002) – sweetest Dunya (2004) – bastanak (2006) – Ayami Bey (2007) – believe in Maine (2009) – Asad one (2012).

Video clips

Badi dub (1998) – and late with you (2000) – btabb petrouh (duet with Ragheb mark 2001) – ayshalek (2002) – the most beautiful sensation (2003) – Lebanese Night (duet with Chris De Burgh 2003) – every day in my age (2004) – come back to longing (2005) – your love ache (2005) – bastanak (2006) – if you know (2007) – batmon (2008) – late shta (2009) – on Bali Habibi (2010) – believe in Maine (2011).


Buddy dub (with French Gipsy singer Gerard Ferrer, 1999).
Absentee petruh (with willing Mark 2000).
Lebanese Nights (with Irish singer Chris du Berg 2001).
Halili dunaya (young Algerian Rai artist Mame 2007).
And love life (re-recorded in Turkish with the Turkish singer Amra, who sang his piece in Arabic).
Soul faces (with Shaker’s bounty 2009).


Elissa is the most Arab artist hired to do advertising campaigns for international products, the most important of which is:
Pepsi (2003) – eyewear companies “Vogue” and “Ray Ban” – luxe skin care company – Corum watches – Samsung mobile phones – head in shoulders.
Elissa was also chosen to be the promotional face of gold International in partnership with L’azurde gold industry. She was chosen by the French company Georges Stahl to create a fragrance called’ Elle D ‘ Elissa in 2007.

Awards and honors

Elisa has been awarded the International Music Award three times, in the category of best-selling in the Arab world and North Africa, in 2005, 2006 and 2010. Also in the same year she received the Murex D’or award as the best singer, and in 2008, Elissa received the award for Best Arab singer.

The clip “your love ache” won the best clip award for 2005, and the song “the most beautiful feeling” won the Best Video award. The same song “Ajmal Ahsas “was also awarded the best Arabic clip award at the” Oscar video clip ” ceremony in Sharm el Sheikh. She was awarded the Middle East word award for Best Singer in the Middle East for 2008 by the Egyptian Artists Guild and Elisa was awarded the museek word award for the third time in 2010. Also got the award of substantial travel video clip for the song “Ten” and also the Best Song been for 2008. She also received four awards at the Celebrity Awards.