Elham Shaheen

Elham Shaheen

Elham Shaheen, Egyptian actress. Born on 03 January 1962 in Cairo, Egypt.

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Name: Elham Shaheen
Name in Arabic: Elham Shaheen
Full real name: Ilham Ahmed Sayed Shaheen
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: 03 January 1962
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 55 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Profession: actress
Years of activity: 1976 – present

Biography, Life Story

Elham ShaheenElham Shaheen was born on January 03, 1962 in Cairo, Egypt. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Performing Arts acting department in 1982, her artistic career began when she was introduced by director Kamal Yassin in the play a mermaid from Mars her film career began with the film “mothers in exile” in 1981 and she subsequently made several films and her roles were growing into starring roles.

Elham Shaheen is one of the most controversial Egyptian women artists after the January 25 Revolution, where she was attacked by the revolutionaries because of her visit to the deposed president at the World Medical Center and was placed on the blacklist of artists enemies of the revolution along with comedian Talaat Zakaria

List of works

Movie films

Man named Abbas – mothers in exile – shame – helvoot – don’t ask me who I am – Strk yaarb – death of Samira – love in the recovery room – Mr. cream – genius five – Ramadan over the volcano – dream killer – innocent – Sakakini – written promise – sorry for this mistake – lawyer under practice – watch out for the women’s gang – my daughter and Wolves – wife knows more – daughters of our neighborhood – meeting on the honeymoon – million dollars – illusions – women’s police – the two prisoners – days of rage – the grove of blood – the case of a teenager – three at the table of blood – king god – a date with the president – Succubus – except Mom – teens and teens – Dunya Abdul – Jabbar – prisoner 67 – Bitter Love – Al – Hajar al – Dyer – dirty game – maid but – orphan and Wolves – cursed treasure – men without Price – night of murder – Game of murder – good, fierce and beautiful – assassination of Faten Tawfik – wild and hamol – cheap meat – Abu Zaid Zaman – gentle – ya Dunya ya Amami – escape to the top – Day Goblin – land of land – dantella – harmonica – delicious murder – mad life – unjust the oppressed – the octopus – the fun market – it Awad – Comi – we love freedom living – whaling-cholesterol-free-one zero-a winning combination.


And love stronger – cry innocent – a place in the heart – Islamic conquests – the gates of the city – journey of torment – said Sea – brother of girls – Satan and love – whirlpool of love – Nas modern – escape to prison – dream nights (5,6) – other half of spring – alhawi – forgive me McNish my intention – brainchild – Emperor – star masses – matter of principle – woman of fire – daughter of Avandina – on a quiet fire – dreams of authorized – the case of Her Excellency the minister.


Bahlul in Istanbul.