Diana Haddad

Diana Haddad

Diana Haddad (born 1 October 1976 in Mount Lebanon) is a Lebanese singer.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Diana Haddad
Name in Arabic: ديانا حداد
Full real name: Diana Joseph Haddad
Country of nationality: Lebanon
Religion: Islam (formerly Christianity)
Date of birth: October 1, 1976
Place of birth: basalim, Lebanon
Age: 41 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Libra
Profession: singer
Genre: Oriental Bob
Years of activity: 1992 – present
Social status: Married
Husband: Suhail Abdul
Sons: Sophie, Mira (two daughters)
Parents: Joseph, Mona
Brothers: Lolita, Danny, Fadi, Samir

Biography, Life Story

Diana HaddadDiana Haddad was born on October 1, 1976 in a small town in southern Lebanon called basalim, Maten district, Mount Lebanon. Diana left Lebanon after the outbreak of the war to grow up in Kuwait, where she studied at the Fahaheel National School. Her artistic talent suddenly emerged at the age of eight, at which time she was singing at national concerts in 1988, with the onset of the Gulf War that reached Kuwait and Diana and her family were forced to return to her homeland Lebanon after spending fourteen years in Kuwait. After Diana finished her studies by learning computer programming in 1992, she began her art journey. She joined the amateur program studio art, for the popular song category Diana topped the first place in the south and the fourth place in Lebanon.

Diana Haddad is one of the most famous singers on the Arab scene, famous for singing Oriental pop music. She released her debut album titled static after she signed up for the art studio program.

Diana Haddad has five brothers, they are: Lolita, Dani, Vadim, toxicity is the second draft of my father to Diana about Joseph and her mother Mona died in 1999. Diana met her husband, television director Suhail al-Abdoul, at the age of nineteen in late 1995, and converted to Islam on his hand, giving birth to her first child, Sophie, and then to Mira, who was born on November 26, 2007.

List of works


Saken (1996)- stubborn (1997) – AHL adoration (1997) – amaneh (1998) – Yamaya (1999) – share (1999) – wounded lover (2000) – Sweet news (2001) – sweetest songs (2002) – if they ask me (2002) – first time (2004) – Diana 2006 (2006) – from Diana to….؟ (2008) – bint Osool (2011).

Single songs

The candle (dedicated to the disabled in the world) – the Arab dream – the will of love (duet with Wael Kfoury) – jabalak Kenz (Jerash theater 1998) – walk in the hands of the hero of your love (on the occasion of Lebanon’s Independence Day 1999) – why the complainant (humanitarian song 1999) – Asma Bilad (trio with Gulf singers / Aseel Abu Bakr, Rashid Al Majid) – ya Carthage (Carthage theater 2000) – (dedicated to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan for his return to safety from treatment 2000) – Bahrain ya fall Al Saad (dedicated to the Bahraini people) – willy Mink (duet with Jad nakhlah) – operetta Umm al – sheikhs – yes Zayed – Noor my eyes – best heart – Rove yarouhi – luqnawi (in Moroccan dialect) – Land of the Emirates (duet with Rashid Al Majid) – bidek decision – O Fakhr – operetta Gris Zayed (with Fayez al Saeed) – Badr al Badour – what I forgot – the Curse of a woman (especially for the series Gulf) – bidek decision (especially against the deadly Trinity: smoking drugs and AIDS) – my love Emirates (abrit with the participation of Rashid Al Majid, Al Wasmi, Fayez al Saeed, Salman Hamid) – Emirates leadership with

Video clips

During her artistic career, Diana Haddad made many clips, most of which she made with her husband:

Night – laqatk – people of adoration – Bazal of you – Amanah – my daughter – Yamaya – walk and RA kaddham – share – Winham – yamnour your country – the four seasons – Manny Manny – call you – Elli in Bali – if they ask me – the first time – your hand the decision – Willy – my companion – if mad entered Braci – Mas and Lolly – Badr al – Badour – I am human and money ya South – Z sugar – normal – mansitk – torment – yazala – my gift from our Lord – crazy – Diana said – Woody – my heart and my loyalty