Badrya Ahmed

Badrya Ahmed

Badrya Ahmed (born 1 July 1969) is an Emirati actress.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Badrya Ahmed, Badour Turky (formerly)
Name in Arabic: Badrya Ahmed
Full real name: Badrya Ahmed Turki
Country of nationality: United Arab Emirates
Date of birth: 01 July 1969
Age: 48 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Cancer
Profession: actress
Years of activity: 1991 – present
Sons: Shiban, Ahmed, Issa

Biography, Life Story

Born on July 1, 1969, Badrya Ahmed began acting by stage in 1991 in a play (faltoh 1), after which she continued to present her artwork on stage or television, but as a “Turkish role” until she later appeared as “Badrya Ahmed”. In 1999, she starred as Shamma in Al Muthi, a member of Dubai’s Al Ahli Theatre. Among her most notable works are “whales”,”boys of bugassim”,”the last decision” and others.

She married and separated more than once, including her marriage to a young actor, and has three sons, Ahmed, Shiban and Issa.

List of works


The last decision – the dreams of the simple – the Muzi – who kills dreams – life woman – Ramadan smiles – groans – Ashok – money and Ayal – no wounds – trail of Love – Mad Money – teardrop Omar – big house – ya Khoi – like you Aref – after the diaspora – strange feelings – Adeel soul – Boya – remnants of night – Basma pain – faces of wax – mad night – in the houses secrets – Fajr impossible – eyes of glass – Wahid and informants – alhwa – mud delirium – great love – the past returned – Layla – daughters of Adam – for Life Price – marriage – Ghafa – huamir desert 3 – from my eyes – maid – mantafaq – Tamasha 4 – Accessory building.


Valtoh 1, 1+1, Daikh in the time of baikh, shahah and muzana two sisters and two daughters, born in sildenafil.