Ayten Amer

Ayten Amer

Ayten Amer (born 22 November 1986 in Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian actress. She is one of the Egyptian screen beauties of the new generation.

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Name: Ayten Amer
Name in Arabic: أيتن عامر
Full real name: Samar Ahmed Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar Amer
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: November 22, 1986
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Age: 30 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Profession: actress
Genre: drama, comedy, cinema
Years of activity: 2004 – present
Social status: Married (2015)
Husband: Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab (Egyptian cinematographer)
Father: Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar Aamir
Brothers: Wafa Amer (Egyptian actress)

Biography, Life Story

Ayten AmerAyten Amer was born on November 22, 1986 in Alexandria, Egypt, and her real name is Samar Ahmed Mohamed Abdelghaffar Amer, the sister of actress Wafa Amer. She moved to reside in Cairo at the age of 4 years, graduated in the Institute of Performing Arts Department of acting and directing, worked for a while as a model and then stopped, and her start in acting in 2004 after she accidentally met the artist Mohamed Sobhi during the filming of one of the series in which Wafa Amer, the first

Ayten Amer has the qualities of beauty, agility and elegant look in addition to charisma, but she did not enough as she proved the opposite of the popular saying “Be Beautiful and shut up”, Ayten combined the beauty of appearance and artistic talent, entering the hearts of viewers with her elaborate acting roles in a short time and at the same time captivated She is characterized by a quiet Arab beauty distinguished by black eyes and black hair. Aiten has been able to book a special place in the throne of the Egyptian screen beauties of the new generation.

Ayten Amer was married in 2015 to Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Ezz Al Arab.

List of works

Ayten AmerSeries

The accused Abi, who shot hind ALAM, The Sorrows of Maryam, the Dali, the joys of Satan, the moment of birth, the kid of Nessa (two parts), the son of Mott, the joy of the mayor, the fourth wife, Carioca, the second wife, the mother Pasha, the seven commandments.


Rami sit-in, Pyramid Street, Cousins, got a good, hour and a half, February 30, on my body, pandemonium, Salem Abu his sister. Zany sixes.

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