Assi El Helani

Assi El Helani

Assi El Helani (born 28 November 1970 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a Lebanese singer and musician.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Assi El Helani
Name in Arabic: Assi El Helani
Full real name: Mohamed Mezine El Helani
Nickname: Knight of Arabic singing
Country of nationality: Lebanon
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: November 28, 1970
Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Age: 46 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Profession: singer
Genre: heritage songs, modern Arabic songs
Years of activity: 1994 – present
Social status: Married
Wife: Colette Pauls
Sons: Marita, Dana, El Walid

Biography, Life Story

Assi El HelaniAssi El Helani was born on November 28, 1970 in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, to a baalbekian family of 13 brothers and sisters. Married to former Miss Lebanon Colette Pauls, he is the father of three children: two daughters (Marita, Dana) and a son (Walid). He participated in the talent program “art studio” and won the Silver Award for folklore color, and presented a collection of albums: KFH Qasr, Mahlana Sawa Sawa, Mahr Al-Zeina.. Before he achieved stardom with the song “and I’m a rogue Merritt” from the album of the same name. He signed a contract with” Rotana ” as a producer and distributor of albums. Having adhered to conditions that he deems necessary to support his songs and artistic mission, especially with regard to the exclusivity of the presentation of the filmed songs.

El Helani sang the lyrics of elite Arabic song poets, but the lion’s share was of the great lyricist Nizar Francis, who in one of his few media appearances described him as his ” soul mate.” He also sang for Arab poet Nizar Qabbani, poet tarbieh Rahma, Tony Abi Karam, Ghanem Gad Shaalan, Saud al-sharbatli, Karim al-Iraqi, and others. In his singing, he addressed multiple themes, bearing his own vision that art is primarily a social and human message: it is sung for love and lovers and it is sung for the homeland and the Earth.. He sang to Lam and sang to fight hunger and poverty.. He sang for Palestine, Lebanon, and the children of Iraq, “be by the science of the living universe”,”our strength by our unity”,”Jayin”,”steadfast”,”night of the homeland”,”after you remain silent” and the list goes on. He also composed more than 20 hit songs, such as “ya Nakir Al Maarouf”,”addamt hawaki”,”Nari and my memories”, the wonderful “the decision”,”zaghiri al Dani”,”six SIAT”,”Beirut Amma youkib” and”mamrni Tabbak”. He also composed 6 songs from his album “My heart beats”, and half of the songs from his album” Can ” announcing his return to Rotana as a producer and distributor of his lyrical releases.

In 2012, he participated as a member of the jury of the talent discovery program (sweetest voice) season one, with Shirin Abdul Wahab, Kazim Al-Saher, Saber al-Rubaie, presented by Arwa Gouda, Mohamed Karim and Nadine Najim. The same judging team participated in the second season in 2013 by Ime Siah Badal Arwa gouda, and the third season in 2015.

In 2018, he again participated as a member of the jury of the talent discovery program (sweetest voice) season four, this time in a new judging panel with Mohamed hammaki, Ahlam Al Shamsi and Elisa. By Nardine Faraj and Bader Al-Zidane.

Assi El Helani active participation in the campaign of the world to fight poverty and hunger, has been honored by many institutions, especially the United Nations, in recognition of his efforts in support of charitable institutions in the Arab world, particularly those for children, women and the fight against poverty and its social and humanitarian multi.

In his artistic career, he presented 19 albums, dozens of comic songs, dozens of national songs and occasion songs (such as the song of my mother, Khail Al-Arab), and presented on the stands of the historical Baalbek festival a musical play starring him entitled opera Daya with the theater Abdul Halim karkla, and also participated in several Arab festivals

List of works

Assi El HelaniAlbums

KFH Palace – Ya Hala (1991) – Hawara (1992) – Mahlana only only (1992) – Mahr Al – Zaina (1993) – Wani Marq merit (1994) – ya MEMA (1996) – I love you very (1997) – sweetest eyes (1998) – longing deserts (1999) – kid azalak (2000) – perfume love (2001) – resolution (2002) – chance of a lifetime (2003) – zaghiri al – Dini (2004) – my heart beats (2006) – our strength with our unity (2007) – can (2008) – duas (2009) – 010 (2010) – your soul I (2011)

Video clips

Wani Marg Marit – O Nakir known – ya MEMA – night of abandonment – word of thabb – I love you very – walk to my present – torboni – Mali patience – longing deserts – my lifetime hearing them – METL lie – kid azalak – love you and bgar – Ah Mink – crazy – Lali – dim doom – Alufa title – addicted Huak – albeit Alia – Gali – say what to say – say Gaye – zaghiri Al – Dini – Habibi Lilli nasini – Khalik with my heart – they asked his eyes – door uncle crying – the sound of Huda – went crazy – after sackt – Lebanese – Arabian horses – can – the state of my heart – desert east-honesty –

Patriotic songs illustrated

Steadfastly-Lebanese-Jayin – my dear Patriot – Gaza wounded O Arabs-not possible as the Earth we bargain.


The voice – the sweetest voice with (Kazim Al-Saher, Shirin Abdel Wahab, Saber al-Rubaie).

Awards, honors and achievements

The Arab music festival organized by the Arab Academy of music in Dubai honored him as the best live Arab voice on stage in 2004, and he won a large number of awards: he won the Murex award as the best singer in 2005 and 2003, the song “Mali SABR” won the best Arabic song at the Cairo International Radio and Television Festival in 1999, and his song (albeit Alia) won the best Arabic