Asala Nasri

Asala Nasri

Asala Nasri (born 15 May 1969 in Damascus, Syria) is a Syrian singer.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Asala Nasri
Name in Arabic: أصالة نصري
Full real name: Asala Mustafa Hatem Nasri
Nickname: Khalifa Umm Kulthum, Lady of Arabic singing
Country of nationality: Syria
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: May 15, 1969
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Age: 48 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Taurus
Profession: singer
Genre: Arab tarb
Years of activity: 1985 – present
Social status: Divorced
Ex-husband: Ayman Golden. Tarek El-Erian (exit)
Sons: Khalid, sham (Golden), twin Ali, Adam (El-Erian)
Father: Mustafa Nasri (late singer)
Mother: Aziza

Biography, Life Story

Asala NasriAsala Nasri was born on May 15, 1969 in Damascus, Syria. She is a Syrian national who has lived in Syria, Damascus, yafour, Abu Rumana, Mahdi bin Barka Street, opposite Amriya air (Damascus), has a home in the United Arab Emirates in the village of Nakheel, and now lives Asala in Cairo Egypt. Her father is the late Syrian singer Mustafa Nasri who was famous, and her family consists of four brothers: Amani, Ayham, Reem, Anas / and her mother is: azizeh. She discovered her father, her intelligence and talent in singing, where she lived in his singing school and learned on his hands and nurtured her in that field, and he found in the originality of the beautiful and strong voice and discovered that when she was four years old, she began singing at the age of seven years by presenting her father’s songs, and then in

Asala NasriAsala Nasri star brightened from the age of her nails where she started singing at the age of four years in advertising and one of the most famous works of her childhood is the introduction (tater) cartoon series Global tales, in addition to that she sang songs and sang for children in Syrian national events and sponsored by her father Mustafa Nasri in this field. Her father died in 1986 and his death had a major impact on her life, she stopped singing for three years and served as the godfather to her younger brothers Reem, Amani, Anas and AY .Made famous in the Arab world after the release of her song Hear the echo of your voice in 1991, which she sang his hair Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum . From her albums: “and unbelievable”,”get angry”,”Ali tarem”,”my heart berthelak”,”O madman”and” right of God”. She participated in many Arab and international song festivals and received many awards and certificates of appreciation.

Asala Nasri & Tarek El EryanAsala is characterized by a frank character, a strong voice and a slender sense. She was nicknamed The Caliph Umm Kulthum and the Lady of Arabic singing and also has a large audience, specifically in the Gulf. Asala’s acquisition of Bahraini citizenship comes just days after her participation in the “love and loyalty” operetta, which was held in Manama in celebration of Bahrain’s National Day 2005 and the sitting day of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and nearly a year after a personal meeting between the king of Bahrain and Asala. She participated in many Arab and international festivals as well as was hosted in a lot of television programs and was a great influence on the crystal screen in the viewers.She has won many awards and received many certificates of thanks and appreciation.

She has four sons, Khaled and sham, from her first husband Ayman al-Dahabi, and twins Ali and Adam from her second husband, director Tarek El-Erian.

At the beginning of 2020, Asala announces her separation from her husband, director Tarek El-Erian.
She supported the Syrian Revolution from its beginning.

List of works

Asala NasriAlbums

Between you and me (1992) – if you know (1993) – soulmate (1994) – get angry (1994) – lisah (1995) – spare strong (1995) – Don’t believe (1995) – shat Al – Hanan (1996) – bring it back (1996) – gone (1997) – the complainer (1997) – my heart bertalak (1998) – Oh crazy (1999) – right of God (2000) – yakhi ask (2001) – Mushtaq (2002) – May the letters (2003) – between hope and fear (2004) – times (2004) – normal (2005) – my life (2006) – Soha my heart (2007) – text of the case (2008) – we separate the years (2009) – the law of kifk (2010) – ah lo halkarsi behki (2011) – mesh Faker lake (2012) – Hazrat al – attitude (2012) – My Feelings (2012) – what I allow you (2012) – stubborn personality (2012).

Production companies

– Golden Productions (1994-2002)
– Island Arts (2004-2005)
– Rotana (2005-2008)
– Platinum records (2010 – now)Asala Nasri