Amel Bouchoucha

Amel Bouchoucha

Amel Bouchoucha (born 25 July 1982) is an Algerian singer, actress and broadcaster.

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Name: Amel Bouchoucha
Name in Arabic: أمل بوشوشة
Nickname: Jennifer Lopez Arabia, New Taheyya Kariokka
Country of nationality: Algeria
Date of birth: July 25, 1982
Place of birth: benzra, tabsa, Algeria
Age: 35 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Lion
Profession: singer, actress, broadcaster
Years of activity: 2008 – present
Social status: Married (2015)
Husband: Walid Awada (Lebanese businessman)

Biography, Life Story

Amel Bouchoucha was born on July 25, 1982 in Ain Zarqa, in the town of ouenza, in the province of tpissa, Algeria. I started work when I moved to Lebanon to participate in the program “Star Academy” in its fifth season has mastered singing in Arabic, English and French and also answered dance West and the East, and got to ninth place.The Masters called her Jennifer Lopez Arabia and the new Carioca salute and she managed to enter the hearts of millions for her voice and charisma on stage and the way she danced . After her career at Star Academy she went to the world of presentation where she presented the program ” Top 20 “on Rotana Channel and then the competition program” Tir and farqa ” on the Lebanese satellite channel LBC. After her experience as a presenter, Amal began to focus on the field of singing and performed the song “Arab world champion” and filmed it in the style of a video clip and achieved a remarkable success and the song was to support and encourage the Algerian team at the 2010 World Championships. Amal drew the attention of the art scene and was chosen by novelist Ahlam mustaganmi to embody the role of “Hayat” heroine of her novel “Body Memory” in the series “Body Memory” until her film came in body language and her author transient, which reflects the reality of a generation struggling and struggling starring Jamal Suleiman as “Khalid bin Tubal” and Amel Bouchoucha as “life” The series received high ratings and Amel Bouchoucha made the heroine “Hayat” the opinion of critics despite it being the first time that she entered the world of acting and thus proving that she is a versatile, inclusive artist. After her success in the memory of the body, she had the opportunity to appear in a series in the Syrian dialect under the title of women’s sessions, and achieved success after which she finished the performances of Syrian producers and directors, in the last Ramadan season, Amal launched two series of the first part of the time of Barghout and will continue her role in the second part of it, she also appeared as a guest of Honor in the hours of embers and to be the heroine of the third part of the next season.

In ghasht 2015 she married Lebanese businessman Walid awadah, a Shiite from the nabatiya region of southern Lebanon, who owns a large number of luxury restaurants, and has huge real estate projects in Lebanon, who met Amal personally and loved her after he invited her to an Iftar ceremony in Ramadan 2015, and their love develops into a marriage.