Allie Jordan

Allie Jordan

Allie Jordan (born May 22, 1991 in Laguna Beach, California, United States) is an American adult film actress of Jordanian descent.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Allie Jordan
Full real name: Diana Jihad Ayoub
Country of nationality: United States
Country of residence: United States
Country of origin: Jordan
Date of birth: May 22, 1991
Place of birth: Laguna Beach, California, United States
Profession: actress, pornographic
Genre: adult movies
Length: 154cm
Weight: 50 kg
Physical properties: hair color is brown, eyes color is brown.
Cosmetic surgery: no

Biography, Life Story

Born Allie Jordan on May 22, 1991 in Laguna Beach, California, United States. Her real name is Diana Jihad Ayoub, she joined to work in pornographic films since she reached the age of legal majority 18 years, and she appeared in many films in many sites competent in this field and has gained wide fame in the Arab world after her recognition of her Arab roots, where she declared that she is of Jordanian origin, a controversy that is considered