Ahmed Mekky

Ahmed Mekky

Ahmed Mekky (born 19 June 1980 in Oran, Algeria) is an Egyptian actor and singer of Algerian origin.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Ahmed Mekky
Name in Arabic: Ahmed Mekky
Country of nationality: Egypt
Country of origin: Algeria
Date of birth: June 19, 1980
Place of birth: Oran, Algeria
Age: 37 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Gemini
Profession: actor, rapper, author, director
Years of activity: 2001 – present

Biography, Life Story

Ahmed Mekky, Egyptian-Algerian actor and singer born on June 19, 1980 in Oran, Algeria, to an Algerian father and an Egyptian mother, then moved with his mother to Egypt and lived most of his life there where he grew up in the neighborhood of “talbeya”, he is the younger brother of actress Inas Mekky.

He played the role of Haitham Dabur in the film” Morjan Ahmed Morjan “with Egyptian actor Adel Amam and most recently his work with Egyptian actress Dunya Samir Ghanem in” Tir you”,” no retreat and no surrender “and the series”Kabir Oy”. With director Ahmed Al-Jundi in “H Wasp”,”bird you” and”no retreat and no surrender”. One of the works he directed is the film The Seventh Sense (2005) starring Ahmed Al-faishawi and his story about a short fiction film he also directed in 2003 at the Technical Institute and co-directed a number of episodes of the series critical moments. He has some films for which he has won many awards.

Ahmed Mekky was able to make a history of the character and represents it as if the character is his normal life he made a lot of characters such as (hazlum – captain Shehata-Long-Lived-Joyful – Kabir – Kabir strong – Johnny – Michu – Amitabh Bachan – Haitham Wasp – Soma lover-Hulk Hogan) he wears a wig in a lot of his characters and one of the most famous

List of works


Tito, Ibn Ezz, Morjan Ahmed Morjan, baby doll night, H Wasp, bird you, no retreat and no surrender, Seema Ali Baba two films in one program.

TV series

Kabir AWI (Ramadan 2010, only 15 episodes of the series were filmed and was not completed because Makki had a torn ligament in his foot), tamer and shawqiya (1, 2), Shabab online, Kabir AWI 2 (Ramadan 2011), aunt Noor.


The film “The Seventh Sense” (2005), setcom “foush” (2009), film “Bird int” (2009), film “no retreat and no surrender” (2010), series “Big OI” (2010), series “Big OI 2” (2011).


Series critical moments (2007), seventh sense (2005), Japanese original (1998).


Good grandparents, thank you mama, all time, Dor by yourself, Fogo, Egypt my country, dream, big, Nokia N96, renewed Ramadan, January 25, Qatar Life, Facebook (through which he announces that he does not have any akont on Facebook and that his official website is www.mekky4real.com . But he broke his contract with the company and got a second location. www.ahmed-mekky.com that’s Basic now)


Originally Arabic (his first rap album).

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