Ahmed Fahmi

Ahmed Fahmi

Ahmed Fahmi (born 17 March 1978 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian actor, singer and broadcaster.

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Basic Info Wiki Card

Name: Ahmed Fahmi
Name in Arabic: أحمد فهمي
Country of nationality: Egypt
Date of birth: March 17, 1978
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Age: 39 years (in 2017)
Astrological sign: Pisces
Profession: singer, actor
Years of activity: 2004 – present
Musical instruments: violin

Biography, Life Story

Born Ahmed Fahmi on March 17, 1978 in Cairo the capital of Egypt. He started his career as a violinist in the Amr Diab band and then as a singer in the Wama band, relying on his singing talent and his study in the conservatory, he achieved great success when he made his debut in the world of cinema, achieving success after success.

Ahmed Fahmi married a woman named Amira Faraj, after a love story that brought them together after their first meeting at the Egyptian Opera House, with whom he had two sons, Omar and Hassan.

List of works-singing

Albums with the Wama band

Ya lil (2004) yaagali Aliya (2006) raheh jayh (2010)

Special albums

Jet in Bali produced six (2007) and includes 8 songs

Solo songs

– 2004 from the film Tito: a long walk with the Wama band.
– 2007 from the film “Naama Bay”: Elly patience on you, current with you, a strange feeling with the singer Mahmoud al-assaili.
– 2008 from the film leaf blade: the world of his heart.
– 2009 from uncensored film: not able, before what you think, yabladi, eye of you jet in my eyes with singer Maria.
– 2010 from the series Mama in the section: Tatar mama in Section
– 2012 from the movie grandfather Habibi: ashanak

List of works-acting


Naama Bay (2007), unattended (2009), Sharaf crisis (2009), Habibi’s grandfather (2012), Cousins (guest of Honor 2012), dead photographer (2012)


Mama in the section (2010), red lines (2012), public secret (2012), sea and thirst (2012)

List of works – media

At the beginning of 2013 he presented Arab Idol and was co-presented by Lebanese broadcaster Annabella Hilal on MBC